referendum; from the latin ~refer en dumb (ask the stupid)

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deep thoughts

Everytime I see some weird looking pattern that could be an unknown language, or any written language unknown to me, I think “This could plain well be some message from the Devil himself”

And then I think that the message would be something like

“I hope you had a great summer! Don’t forget to change the kitty’s water. Hugs & Kisses!”


Sometimes I gaze in introspection and ask myself: “Am I such a bad person?”. And of course I have to question that in silence or otherwise the whirl of complaints so long stuck down all of my acquaintances’ throats would be unbearable.


Whenever I’m watching a video on VLC and I want to switch to another one, instead of just closing the one that just ended, I hit CMD+Q, which is the shortcut for QUIT. I could just close the video by hitting CMD+W, but I don’t.

Just now I realize why:

quitting is just the easiest way to go.


I always get twitchy someone smiles at me. Why is that person smiling? What hurtful schemes are going through their heads? What kind of evil does he or she hold for me in my near future?

It takes a little while ’til I realize that that person actually likes me and is just happy to see me.

Which is nice, I guess.