draft for “a man wakes up”

Veio do choque e moveu-se pelo ar no entorno, seguiu os vãos das janelas de um longo corredor e atravessou a porta de madeira. O som que entrou na concha auditiva e seguiu pelo condutor auditivo pra eventualmente atingir os nervos que o fariam ser percebido pelo homem desprovido por ele de seu sono era um som metálico e vibrante, como de algo grande e pesado caindo sobre uma enorme placa de ferro.

Seus olhos se abriram com raiva; sim! Seus olhos, d’onde esses são o órgão chave da visão, se abriram: pálpebras violentamente movidas, pupilas dilataram-se buscando luz enquanto as membranas e camadas de lágrimas escondidam a luz, evitando choque maior, pra imediatamente se fecharem. Antes que músculos perceptíveis à última camada de consciência subesses, os olhos percebiam. Estava acordado.

Pensaria no zero absoluto mais tarde tentando calcular quanto tempo poderia ter dormido entre o deitar, fechar os olhos, passar para o raro momento entre todos os pensamentos em que se sente apagar, e ser trazido de volta por aquele som.

Nenhum livro precisa de capa Escritor só escreve
Linhas são guias pro pulso e pro olho
E fomos nós que as criamos à ida
da escrita

Sentiu a pausa?

Nada pode nos parar.


this is ska

So I want to get know more and more about the ska music, get more tips on bands and such. I’m planning to start up a series of ska parties here in my hometown (Porto Alegre – RS, Brazil). All insights will be thankfully welcome!

ORdinarY aNTI-imperaliSt REvolutionary

This song was written by my good friend Fefel. It’s about what we in Brazil call “esquerdomacho”, which is something like the oh-so-libertarian-and-left-thinking-guy who is actually a misogynyst like any other self indulging male. I thought I should share with the world since her music and her lyrics are both wonderful and have a very important message to send.

ORdinarY aNTI-imperaliSt REvolutionary
by Fefel

he told me everything about
the right prnciples of social justice and the fight for minorities, basic sociology
he wore a black shirt with white circles flags and anti-sayings on it
man-explained what should I know
how should i feel
what should I think

test me, test me
do I Worth it
test me test me
am I enough ?

tell me when
should I consent
do you want me to pretend
Im sooo dumm

(oh my god you’re my hero)

then we’re in bed
you make it dark
light a candle
your eyes they spark

I trust you, fool me
your ideals are now under trial, sir !

you hold me hard
then press my head
against your skin
metallic taste
against my will
you turn my FACE

test me, test me
do I Worth it
test me test me
am I enough ?

tell me when
should I consent
do you want me to pretend
Im sooo dumm

just another sexist
you’re so ordinary !

unreleased track: “Fell in Love in Jonestown”

Fell in love in Jonestown
Her hair was dark red
her eyes were brown

I fell in love in Jonestown
Wanna go talk to her
But I just don’t know how

But crops grow
crops grow tall
and love grows

Harvest, harvest
work for the all and
all works for all

Love grows, love grows
Love grows forever
in Jonestown

Now I’m off to her shed
Oh, we are to be wed!
No more wander alone
No more playing pretend
This is the day love comes
And I’m gonna get laid

The drink is bitter, but
sweet is our love
I cannot breath or move
Who got me laid?

Love lies forever
in Jonestown

I had too much to dream last night*

Last nights dreams involved cocaine, cigars and anal sex. I think it’s normal if I’d wake up feeling like those people who scream “U-/S/-AY![x2]”.

There was also some Edgar Allan Poe in it. I couldn’t remember The Raven, which I’ve known by heart, at least parts of it, since I was like 12 or 14, but couldn’t get it. But parts of it appeared as I browsed my mind, as in using some sort of search mechanism, only it was written in an older kind of english, more phonetical, and I then had to re-write it as the original poem was, and then wasn’t quite sure I was doing it right.

* The Electric Prunes – I had too much to dream (last night)

song: go along

I guess that I have made the same mistakes again
I guess I almost drove a fellow friend astray
Too sad I’ve cause much fuss this time
Just hope it’s not too late for me to fix my mind

Go along not to look back
just go along not look back
I’m sad but it doesn’t matter

It’s time for me to learn to grow on my on
And find out how to find the limits to my bound
I guess I’ve lost so much so you just go along

Go along and find your way
I’m sure we’ll never meet again
It’s lonely but I’m hopeful for a brand new day

Go along I’ve lost my way
Can’t see as far as that new day
But hopefully your nights will shine

Fiona Apple’s “Paper Bag” for F-R-I-E-N-D-S’ fans:

I thought he was my lobster
but he was just a little crab

Well, that was heinous, right? Sorry about the lousy joke, but it just came to my head. Also, today is the 20th anniversary of Fiona Apple‘s Tidal‘s release. Yes, two decades since songs like Paper Bag and Criminal made us shiver from the inside out with this mix of joy and desolation and loneliness with identification with someone else that was beautifully screaming their inner angst through music.

There is so much to love in Fiona Apple’s musical career — which has done all but disappoint throughout the following albums — and so much to be thankful for. I really wish I could just hug her right now, but I’d probably just wet her in tears so I’ll just stick to posting this video, possibly my favorite musical video ever: