there is love

So love being this or love being such, those assumptions, conclusions, arbitrary statements could never work. But yes, there is love in such and those.

There is love in feeling your arm numb and not caring at all with the tactless of your fingers on the plate because you’re happy that you’re making her breakfast and that it was under her that your arm stopped receiving blood.

There is love is not caring about not using the heavy drugs the substance you cared so much you almost gave your life for. There is love in loving pot because you did pot with her but still not growing fond of pot because you’re all fond of her.

There is love in that smile that sends your lonely beat up self away and pulls the real you inner on the in that is the company of her.

There is love in her body pressuring yours and pulling yours under her; there’s love when she rests her head on your face or move her legs through yours and you feel such grace while thinking “this body is with my body and she cares for me” and you’re so amazed that happens because it happens with that person so perfect that a couple of weeks before you thought the idea of such happening was nonsense daydreaming.

There is love in all that and much more and love is finding love in such.


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