american gods: 1st episode review

The first episode was quite an introduction, I should say. 25 minutes into the episode and I had my mind set that they got the adaptation right, even though, no matter how much is invested in series in these days and putting aside my unbalanceable faith in Neil Gaiman, we always have doubts at first.

If you’re not familiar with the literary, you should read it as soon as possible. You will get much more of the TV show. Trust me on that.

Ian MacShane is just perfect in the role of Mr. Wednesday.

As for the Leprechaun? It took me a while to know who the character in the book was, but in the show I could see the Leprechaun right there, in his noticeable and righteous 6 feet in height.

What else should I say? Emily Browning, an actress I admire and whose presence in the series gave me great joy, makes but a small appearance in the first episode, but I’m sure we are to see much more of her: the show is not taking away the occasional (and used only as necessary in the books) dreams and flashbacks of our main character Shadow.

As for those who have read the book, be not afraid. Just watch and indulge yourselves.


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