“Deep Deep Down: a graphic novel by Thiva F.S.

I’m so wonderfully dazzled by Thiva‘s sensibility in “Deep Deep Down”! There is so much to read into the text — the fitting in situation, which is a very complex dillema not only of modern times, since it has striked many individuals throughout ages. As I started reading, I couldn’t help but thinking that some metaphor was ahead of me, and the underground scenarium, not to mention “the powers that be” behind human relations and how the individual cope with being a misfit. ‘though I don’t know the author well enough to tell of him intimately, much less what goes from his inside to the text, the association of the “deep down” and the “underground”, as in the social and artistic scenarium that we may call a local or worldwide scene.

There’s a song by Ben Folds Five about not fitting in and finding happiness in the underground. I did meet the author in our little underground, and years passed ’til we finally exchanged our printed arts. Anyway, I’m glad I had the chance to read “Deep Deep Down” and I strongly recommend others to do the same, not only for the beautiful writing I mentioned, but for the visuals, which I may have not said much about but only because I’m a writer myself and not very skilled in the illustration field.

Thivá Fróes is an illustrator and musician from Porto Alegre,RS (Brazil) currently residing in Richmond, VA (U.S. of A.).

cover and panels from thiva's "deep deep down"


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