from now on

So I have finally decided to put myself onto a rehabilition program which’s results I can’t even begin to wonder how will be but considering how difficult it is for me to even type — it’s like my brain functions are unable to participate in my writing skills [it’s an effort just to type this words and correct the many mistakes such as meaningless chacarcters jumping on the screen without my fingers even realizing what they are doing here on the keyboard] it’s become more than obvious that such drastic measure needed to be taken and it’s been so for quite a while now.

It’s not just a drugs & alcohol abuse issue — I’ve been feeling unspeakably depressive and trying to suppress those feelings with mind and behavior chemical distractions.

By tommorrow afternoon definite bureaucratic measures will be taken on that matter. I don’t feel hopeful or desperate in anyway. I feel nothing — nothing at all — for that matter. Only thing I’m sure is that at least I have put those demi-suicidal thoughts aside.

So here’s to whatever’s about to come!



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