so this happened to a friend of mine

I cried when he told the story in a post. Tears of joy they were. A few hours later, I re-read it and once again I cried — tears of joy again I cried. I’ll try and tell the story as best as I can.

Having gone away and being back feeling unsucessful — in debt with both family and bank — he of course felt frustrated, if not worse. Things were uncertain. Moving away from one’s hometown can be awful scary, and being disappointed in such enterprise will most certainly be quite damaging, I suppose. And not only that, a long lasting relationship had come to an end, whatever reasons, and so he as broken in that manner as well. Depressed, not knowing what exactly happend, much less what would come from then, a friend of his offered him another professional chance at yet another state in Brazil. But he missed his chance. The selection date passed by. He decided to at least write an email to the company then. And he did.

Only thing is, he went a little too far on his explanations. He told ’em what happened — on personal level as well — he told ’em about the break up and he summed thing up by stating he was probably not the best choice for the company at that moment, being in such an unbalanced emotion state.

And they responded. Yes. There was a picture of the staff: everyone was making little hearts with their hands and smiling at the camera, all together. In the text, they said they hope his heart would feel full again and that those people in the picture were there waiting for him, to nourish and take care him.

So this is it: there is still so much grace and caring in the world! And I’m thankful that he shared his story to remind of that. And for that purpose I share it with you.


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