The World Bank of Genitalia

World Bank of Genitalia: celebrating the diversity of the human body

To fight false aesthetical and fisiological patterns, to heal an obsolete widespread histerya and of course to kill the curiosity about the genitals of your fellow human being. These are some of the possible uses of the World Bank of Genitalia – BMG, an online anti-catalog created by three young brazilians artists Caroline Barrueco, João Kowacs and Luiza Só, in order to deconstruct the constantly reproduced patterns of pornography and advertisement .

Online since may of 2012, the website http://www.genitalia .me already counts with about 500 pictures of genitals collected in various parts of the word. Pictures randomly disposed in an infinite genital mosaic.

The pictures of the anonymous contributors where usually shot inside tents made by the BMG crew, during events or parties. The cities of São Paulo (Calefação Tropicaos, VoodooHop, Ateliê 397), Porto Alegre (Festa DaDa), Berlin (FunkHaus Grünau), Paris (6B) e Barcelona (Muestra Marrana) where already visited by the BMG tents.

Colaborative Genitals: the upload option makes it easy for everybody in the world to take part.

Since Wednesday, February the 19, the World Bank of Genitalia has been improved. Besides being tottaly re-designed by the programer Vitor Calejurim the BMG now counts with an upload pictures button, in order to gather new contributors form all over the world. Interested can access the website and contribute with the pictures of their own genitalia.

The Idea is to celebrate the diversity of the human body.


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