I am a very neat, organized person. Everything in my room has the right place for beeing at: shoes, shirts, black t-shirts, non-black t-shirts, shirts with golas, shirts without golas. Even random objects spread over the table have a correct way to be spread over the table.

That means that in order to get any work done or read a book I must have everything neatly put in wherever everything must be neatly put. So I clean my bedroom-slash-office and get it all correctly placed. And so I’ve done it. Then I decided to reorganize all the directories in my Mac and the external hard drive. I even organized all the bookmarks, including porn (pov and non pov, hair colors, horses and human etc).

So there is no reason not to start working, right?

Except that I’m writing this.

Like life, procrastination always finds a way.

PS: Diane, remind me to add “organizational skills” to my resumé.


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