amish romance

If this recent amish romance novels trend really catches on, I might as well just go along with it. Now all I need is a plotline on the subject.

Little amish boy witnesses a murder and a big city cop must acompaign him back to his simple life community in order to protect THE WITNESS!

-The Witness…
-That’s the name of the film. It already exists. With Harrison Ford.
-Oh, yes, I see…

Strange murders lead two paranormal activity investigators into an amish community whose members don’t seem quite happy with their presence there…

-The X-Files…
-I figured…

So, how about this: an adult film producer (Rocco, he’s simply the best!) discovers the perfect girl (Stoya) to act with his great star (Sasha Grey) in his next movie. Problem is… she’s amish! To get the approval from the girl’s family, they will have to use their sensuality amongst members of the community. Little do they know that the sweet innocent Stoya is already having an affair with another member of the Amish, an african-american male (which could be played by me – I don’t think my skin color should be an issue – Lexington Steele). Film title: Raising the Barn!


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