a late night walk

While walking through one of the largest avenues in that town, he laughed. He was shoeless and his overly sized pants pratically dragged on the ground as he walked – sometimes fast and in a rush, and sometimes slowed down by tiredness. And while he walked he thought about all his path to that point where he had no more than a couple of quarters in his shirt point and happy to still carry a few cigarettes on him. He reminded of his past. The reasonably healthy living amongs with the parents; the girlfriend that loved and gave him the pleasure of coitus and felatio to his will. Getting to school everyday in his mother’s car, protecting himself from the cold with lots of jackets and blouses, skipping classes expendable to him thanks to his above-average academic capability. He thought of the money he would get every weeked without even having to ask, to be expended in junkie food, beer cans and cigarettes. He though of the plans he had, the amounts he would make, the colleges he intended to go to. As he walked sholess through that avenue with a lit cigarette in his mouth, one sneeker in his left hand, warmed up by the old gloves he still had with no one to be seen except for him, a few legal shoppers, plus hookers and drug dealers. Only him and his laughing, laughing to him self. He thought of his past as a promising young boy from a socially respected private school and he knew he couldn’t be better than now, shoeless and lonely on that large avenue, feeling the cold in his skin and smoking a cigarette.


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