The Flying Cat Experiment

3 helium balloons (each one should have the following measures: diameter = 1,8 meter; volume = 3,2 cubic meters)
1 cat (10-11 pounds \ 4,5 to 5 kilos)
1 shotgun
3 shotgun shells (you might wanna upper that amount depending on your aiming abilities)
9 strong strings
3 small ropes

tie the ropes around the cat’s torso.
tie 3 strings to each rope.
connect the strings to the helium filled ballon (3 for each balloon, obviously)

The cat should fly gently with that amount of balloons.

Wait until the cat is at at least 40 meters from the ground.

Shoot the balloons and try to miss the cat.

Please, don’t shoot the poor little fellow.

Once most the balloons are shot, the cat should start losing altitude. Shoot ’em all before the lovely feline is below 30 meters from the ground.

Now check if the cat has survived.

If so, repeat the experiment again waiting for a little longer (45 meters before start shooting)

Thanks for your time,

hope your cat is okay.

J.P. “McCoy”


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