on dark humor

“So there they were, two muffins in the oven. One of them says: Is it hot in here, or is it me? to which the other one replies: OH! MY GOD, A TALKING MUFFIN!”

    Funny,isn’t it? It could be even funnier if those were two babies. You wouldn’t even need the dialogue lines then.
    There is a german expression that refers to one’s happines on someone else’s misery, and it is called schadenfreude. Well, real or not that is bollocks. People suffering is funny the same way that any innocent joke can be funny; only difference is that it takes a larger sense of vision to laugh at greater deals of disgrace. For instance, you are walking down the street and you see a ten year old riding his bicycle to school (just to give a more dramatic perspective to the circumstances, he’s wearing a very colorful backpack filled with books and notepads and a juicebox with a tasty nutritional meal that his mom – or legal parent – had prepared for him) and BAM! a big large truck crashes right into the kid’s bike. Well there you go, now the bike is ruined into a large pile of twisted metal with one of its wheels still spinning. The body is thrown a few meters away. I don’t even have to mention that one of the boy’s shoes was taken from his feet and fell on the ground or upon a nearby tree. Now, if you are a sensible person you will feel bad for the horror of such young life being taken away in the sum of a second. But that doesn’t stop you from laughing about it, does it?! That’s the part where you have to think bigger wheter your heart has been shredded to pieces or not. Step your mind off the scene. The kid was riding his bike to school and, within a second, a life is destroyed, the bicycle’s ruined and, now that’s the cracker, the shoe is lying there, far away from its owner (I just love that cliche) but near enough for a friend or any caring person to see it and dismount into tears. You would have to be a stiff not to laught at that – pardon the mockery of words.
    The whole world can be a scenario, not exactly planned out just for you, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy it. Just remember to view the world from the theaterbox.


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